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During your production process, maybe you have micro transportation application, stable products and workmanship control usually depends on the general performance of pumps. After optimizing, our brand JONSON precision magnetic gear pumps have achieved recognization of design institutes and users, we have many years cooperative experience with worldwide top 500 enterprises, and accumulate lots of application data. Each of our pumps is maintained perpetually, you can purchase and use with safety, we have confidence to solve the precise transportation for you.

No-pulse Precision Delivery

Provide continuous accurate fluid delivery through the gears, delivery accuracy can reach +/-0.5% with the servo or stepper motor.

High Pressure Difference, Strong Suction

Realizing the low viscosity liquid delivery in middle & high pressure, strong vacuum suction, high pressure and smooth delivery.

No Leakage

Magnetic drive and static O-ring can ensure the inside pump medium isolated from the outside.

Specialized Selection

Rich operating experience in thousands of micro gear pump, accumulating lots of experiment data, specialized selection evaluation, and formulating solution to reduce risks.

Excellent Workmanship & MD

The designs optimize the gear shaft, pump body flow channel, and longer service life, lean manufacturing idea and advanced processing technology & exquisite workmanship. It is an external gearing pump designed & manufactured for high-end application.

Superior Engineering Materials

Adopting P+C gear shaft combination and gap optimized, greatly improving the products life which is 2-3 times of the same industry.


  • ISO9001-2015 By TUV Rheinland
    ISO9001-2015 By TUV Rheinland
  • Performance test report of MR gear pum
    Performance test report of MR gear pum
  • Utility Model Patent Certificate
    Utility Model Patent Certificate
  • Utility Model Patent Certificate
    Utility Model Patent Certificate
  • Japan Classification Society Certificate
    Japan Classification Society Certificate
  • BV Certificate
    BV Certificate
  • Invention Patent Certificate
    Invention Patent Certificate
  • RoHS Test Report
    RoHS Test Report
  • CE Certificate of MR precision gear pump
    CE Certificate of MR precision gear pump


    Deep ploughing in gear pumps for more than 20 years, bring us rich experience, our precision gear pumps have applied to various industries such as special materials processing, medical technology, chemical industry and tail gas treatment etc. We know well what you want is not only the precision gear pumps, but the more professional and more rigorous solutions.